Courses introduction

Courses overview

Each course is divided into 3-5 series, each series 4-5 times, each class 3-4 hours, every other week on Sundays. The course is based on a single nationality student and has its own native language translator. According to actual needs, volunteers will be set up to assist students.

Number of people

About 20-30 people per class.


The teacher of the higher vocational college or university is the main teaching teacher, and some of the courses are professional teachers or certified teachers.

Courses effectiveness

During the course, the assistants and project staff involved in the class visits and records from time to time to understand the needs of the trainees and make timely adjustments.


Tests, practices, or reports specified by the teacher are used to test student learning effectiveness. Who pass the qualification and have reached a certain time of attendance is required to be issued a certificate of completion.

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